"Luscious beverages and Alluring food"

The cocktail bar offers a very limited and refined selection of the best spirits.

The cocktails on the menu are recipes made after years of work around the world, with a special focus on meta-flavors and aromas.

The complexity comes from the preparation and, the simplicity on the execution. 

We don't have a bar that separates you from the bartender, we are a structure we want you to participate in actively. 


The place is practically secret and is located at number 7 of Carabassa street.

You will find Perdita behind the door where we recreated a  version of the famous Picasso's painting "Les demoiselles d'Avignon".



There is no need to make any reservations.

The only thing you need to do is ring the doorbell and we will come to welcome you.
Our cocktail bar is open to everyone who thinks that a bit of excess is not a sin.


Wednesdays & Thursdays - 7 pm a 1:30 

Fridays & Saturdays - 7pm a 2:30

Sundays - 5pm a 12


Email Restaurant : hiddenboqueria@gmail.com

Email Perdita Bar: soyperdita@gmail.com

WhatsApp Restaurant: +34 649896263

WhatsApp Perdita Bar: +34 630410986


C/Avinyó, 44, Barcelona


The dining operates on a reservation basis ONLY.

Suggested to make a reservation one week prior the dining day.


C/Carabassa, 7, Barcelona

Wed & Thu - 7 pm a 1:30 

Fri & Sat - 7pm a 2:30

Sun - 5pm a 12